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STANDOUT Leadership for Supervisors

How to Positively Influence Others to Get the Results You Need

In today’s government workplace environment, your role as a leader isn’t defined only by your title or credentials, but by your ability to influence others in a positive way. As you face the never-ending challenges of change, one thing is clear. “Leadership as Usual” is no longer enough! As your leadership role continues to evolve in the midst of change, you must re-think your choices to model the attitudes and behaviors you expect from those you lead. To be perceived as the leader successful people are proud to follow, you must develop the leadership skills necessary to achieve the results you want to accomplish.

Gain skills and competencies to:

  • Build trust and accountability at every level.
  • Improve communication between supervisors and staff.
  • Enable your staff to handle change with competence and confidence.
  • Get the “buy-in” you need from others to make change work.
  • Reduce conflict while you improve morale and productivity.
  • Deal with difficult people – without becoming one.
  • Make tough decisions with more clarity – even when the choices aren’t easy.
  • Reinvigorate teamwork to change outcomes.
  • Encourage and inspire others to get the results you need.
  • Create positive outcomes from difficult conversations.
  • Develop advocates and allies inside and outside your workplace.

If you’re new to your leadership role or aspiring to move up to a leadership position, remember this. Before anyone else will recognize you as a leader and influencer you must see yourself in that role. Leadership skills are LIFE skills that will help you STAND OUT from the Crowd as the leader successful people are proud to follow.

For Decision Makers: This is an eye-opening session for those who are new to their leadership roles, aspiring to move up to a leadership position, or need to gain additional leadership skills. This session is based on Jean’s award- winning book, 10 Ways to STAND OUT from the Crowd, chosen as Best Business Book of the Year in the categories of leadership, management and career development.

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