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Coaching Old

Every customized program is filled with experience, knowledge, passion and heart. Jean’s programs are ideal for your next:

  • Annual/Quarterly Conference
  • Leadership Conference
  • Customer Conference
  • Opening/Closing Keynote
  • Conference Breakout Session
  • Awards Banquet/Incentive Trip
  • Staff Development Event
  • Spouse Event
  • Women’s Conference
  • Day or Weekend Retreat

It’s easy to find the program that’s right for your next event. You can read descriptions of Jean’s popular programs by clicking on one of the following areas:

Jean’s NEW Book, Keynote and Workshop!
Stand Out from the Crowd!

To be successful today, you must find ways to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. Prices are similar, products and services begin to look alike, and the competition is closing in with new strategies every day. “Business as usual” is no longer enough if you want to set yourself apart from the competition and be recognized as a “one-of-a-kind” brand. The question you must ask is:

“What do you bring to the table that is so memorable, outstanding and special that people will CHOOSE to do business with YOU?”

In today’s competitive environment, the game has changed and the rules are different. EXCEEDING expectations has replaced “meeting standards”. These are exactly the times when the true character of a person or an organization can really STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD in a positive way.

To succeed in an environment where dramatic change and new business strategies are the norm, you must OUT-THINK old ideas, OUT-PERFORM the competition and OUT-SHINE past performance. Based on Jean’s book by the same title to be released in November, this session will give you the skills you need to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD as you learn how to:

  1. Re-commit to change
  2. Re-think your choices
  3. Re-assess your expectations
  4. Re-position your strengths
  5. Re-new your positive attitude
  6. Re-assert your value
  7. Re-define your relationships
  8. Re-balance your life
  9. Re-examine your leadership opportunities
  10. Re-evaluate your performance… and Re-invent your future!
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